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Surgery Table

Surgery Table

Surgery Table


DR-8750 Series is a multi-function model applicable to a variety of surgeries.
The table provides lager space around the feet of operators and realizes diverse positions by attaching accessories.

Tabletop height

-Low initial height supports operations such as microsurgeries of neurosurgery, ophthalmology, etc.
-Easy to transfer patients from/to a stretcher.

Tabletop slide
By the sliding function with a head plate and a leg plate exchanged, wide fluoroscopy area is realized.

2-joint leg opening board device
Leg boards that open with two joints provide lager work space.

Hand controller

Operating pushbutton switches equipped with LEDs ensure clear visibility in operating rooms under reduced illumination.
The E switch indicates battery level with green/red color.

Rechargeable battery

Easy to check the battery level with the panel
on the base of the main body.


  • Trendelenburg and
    reverse trendelenburg

  • Lateral tilt

  • Back section bending

  • Jacknife position

  • Leg section bending

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Traction Unit


DR-8750-K can be equipped with a traction device for orthopedic surgery.

Traction device

The traction device is also attachable with the table in flat state, allowing for anesthetic treatment effectively and facilitating attachment/detachment of the traction boots to the legs of the patients.
By detaching the leg boards, the table changes to a surgery position where a fluoroscopy area is secured.

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Operating Table

DR-2600 Series

The electro-hydraulic system ensures a high standard of reliability and safety.

DR-2600 Series is a general operating table which is offered in four types.

Head section and leg section exchanging
By exchanging the positions of the head section and leg section, the table can be used for a variety of surgeries.

Hand Switch Controller

● Easily understood icons.

● “E” button which needs to be pressed
with desired function deters erroneous operation.

Auxiliary Control Panel

The tabletop operations are performed by an auxiliary control panel even when the hand switch controller is not available.

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