701 Series

The 701 is a dental light with great optical capability and maneuverability at a reasonable cost. The three position controller enables the selection of composite safety mode to prevent premature curing and two intensity modes, low and high for proper oral cavity illumination. The touchless sensor activates the hands free on/off operation, offering reduced risk of cross contamination.

Optional are detachable handles and a mirror.


Rated Voltage
100/115/120V and 220/230/240V 50/60Hz AC
Output Voltage
11.7V 10.2V 8.1V
Bulb Type
12V, 55 Watt Tungsten Halogen
Light Output
High - 28,000 lux
Low - 22,000 lux
Composite - 8,000 lux
Color Temperature
4,200 degrees K @ 28,000 lux
Light Pattern
85mm x 220mm at 650mm