Correct color rendering
Easy on the eyes
Easy operation


Ten LED's mixed and matched to generate the correct color rendering.
LEDs used for Dental Light 900 use a high rendering LED. It contains blue, red and green lights and shows all colors correctly. The "color rendering property" is over 90. Color rendering property is the sum of how MANY DIFFERENT COLORS are shown correctly under the light.

Brightness is a smooth transition between 4,000 lx and 35,500 lx. There is also a composite mode of 5,500 lx. The good part of this LED is that the color is constantly maintained at 5000K using natural color at any intensity level. In composite mode, it is a natural white color.

The intensity is adjustable by a rotation knob steplessly.

  • Ceiling mount type

  • Track mount type

  • Unit mount type


100-240V 50/60Hz
4,000 to 35,500 lx (Stepless volume)
5,500 lx at composite safe mode
Color temperature
5000 degrees Kelvin at any intensity
Color rendering index
More than 90
Focal Distance
650 mm
Light pattern
80 mm x 150 mm
Bulb Type
High Rendering LED
Life expectancy of LED
40,000 hours
Light On/off
Touchless sensor
Composite safe mode
Touchless sensor
Intensity Adjustment
Stepless rotating knob
Manual override
Toggle switch for manual /sensor
Head positioning
Rotation of head at three axes