Available with a plenty of options and instrumentation taking advantage of specialized skills and training, the CLESTA II / CELEB allows the doctor to tailor the chair to his/her needs.


Chair Mount -EURUS TYPE

Over the Patient

Traditional over the patient type unit offers versatile, balanced and precise delivery systems providing total working comfort between the 9 and 1 o'clock positions. The improved comfort of EURUS chair is an ideal base on which to build your dental system.

Chair Mount -original

Over the Patient

Over-patient versatility for comfortable single- and four-handed working positions. Ergonomic and hygienic features are standard on all CLESTA II treatment centres.

Chair Mount -original


The split cart type, with a steel formed height-adjustable ‘U’ frame, offers space-saving qualities and additional flexibility.

Pedestal type / Cart

Pedestal -CLAIR

Over the Patient Cart

Pedestal type cuspidor unit has no umbilical; this eliminates the need for a utility box, contributing to a tidier appearance and easier cleaning.