The next generation of design and reliability carried over from Clesta-I which is the world's recognized as THE STANDARD DENTAL TREATMENT SYSTEM by Belmont.

The combination of electro-hydraulic and air operated system ensures a high standard of reliability and safety.


eIII means ergonomics, ease and efficiency

ergonomics :
Designed to deliver unparalleled patient comfort in any position, the Clesta-eIII chair features an axis backrest, an ultra-smooth tilting mechanism, and ergonomically shaped cushions.

ease :
Inheriting the ease enhancing tradition of Clesta dental systems, the Clesta eIII offers a smooth-moving operatorfs table and easy-access handpiece holders to minimize stress during use.

efficiency :
Through the perfect balance of an ergonomically designed chair and a unit offering smart user interfaces and operational ease, the Clesta-eIII creates the ideal dentistry environment for both patient and dentist and ensures efficient and effective practices.


  • CG2 Ivory

  • CG3 Light Gray

  • CG5 Black

  • CG8 Beige

  • CG15 Lime Green

  • CG16 Mauve

  • CG17 Saffron

  • CG18 Gray Teal

  • CG19 Blue

  • CG22 Light Pink

  • CG23 Light Green

  • MR1 Dark Blue

  • MR2 Purple

  • ES11 Chocolate

  • ES12 Bordeaux

  • ES14 Camel

  • ES16 Light Blue

  • ES18 Yellow Green