Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont

Belmont's High Technology allows for

-High resolution image by a small focal spot
-Reduced skin dosage with optimum radiation level for every diafnostic need
-Easy to position compact tube head
-Ideal matching for digital imaging system


LCD touchscreen sub-controller

Intuitive and easy selection
Intuitive and easy selection of tooth type, cone type, film/digital modes, film speed, kV, mA and patients size.

Customizable LCD display view
LCD display view can be customized for operator preference. Built-in USB side port enables operators to import personalized screen saver photographic images or dental practice/ doctor's name for practice identification and branding.

Sensitivity setting

Select your image receptor on the screen, then suitable sensitivity setting will be selected from 16 steps automatically.

If the darker [or lighter] radiographs are preferred, the sensitivity setting can be adjusted manually.

Tooth density

Tooth density ratio settings can be adjusted from the default setting for each tooth.